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Bochum Golf Club - Fully automatic thunderstorm warning system goes into operation

The new warning system at the Bochumer Golfclub e.V. has been in operation since last week.

The Coptr system receives live coordinate data of actual lightning strikes in the vicinity of the golf course with the highest accuracy and immediately relays this data as a warning, alarm and all-clear to people who are outdoors, depending on the location. This data is based on the most modern observation system for thunderstorm lightning from Siemens AG.

The alarm is sounded by high-performance sirens in accordance with DGV specifications. The all-clear is given 20 minutes after the last recorded lightning strike in the monitoring area. The warning and all-clear is fully automatic - without human intervention - and offers many advantages compared to manual thunderstorm warnings on the golf course. The system objectifies weather warnings and replaces subjective assessments, which may be incorrect and dangerous to people, with factual measurement technology.

The functionality of the system is limited exclusively to reporting a lightning event that has actually occurred in an environment that is relevant for your safety. The system can neither predict a lightning strike nor give further forecasts about the weather development.

The Bochumer Golfclub e.V. thus takes its responsibility very seriously to warn its members, guests and employees of the dangers of a lightning strike as best it can according to the state of the art. At the same time, the golf course's direct neighbours can also benefit from the new facility and perhaps fire up the barbecue a little later in the event of an alarm. Undisturbed sleep is nevertheless preserved, the warning system has "night rest" from 21:00 to 08:00.

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