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New thunderstorm warning system warns of approaching thunderstorms in Lübbecke-Gehlenbeck

Lübbecke-Gehlenbeck - Sometimes it happens very quickly. On a hot summer's day, dark clouds gather, a rumbling can be heard and lightning flashes in the sky. The thunderstorm has not passed by, but is coming closer. Anyone who spends time in the great outdoors, especially in or near water, can be in great danger. Friederike Niemeyer

In order to make bathing in the Gehlenbeck open-air swimming pool even more carefree for visitors, the Wirtschaftsbetriebe Lübbecke (WBL) have recently installed a lightning warning system.

The modern safety technology is a patented, fully automatic system from the company Coptr Bevölkerungs-Kommunikationssysteme GmbH. It is intended to warn bathers and visitors to the adjacent moor in good time of impending lightning strikes during thunderstorms. The security company „K9 Save House“ from Minden is sponsoring the operation of the system.

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