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New warning system sensitises population in Corona crisis

Effective hazard warning from secure sources is a key factor in containing the Corona pandemic. At the busy Aachener Weiher park, a fully automated population communication system (BKS) operates to support the law enforcement agencies.

As a SmartCity Cologne project, the tried-and-tested BKS was already put into operation 2.5 years ago at the Aachener Weiher. On the initiative of the Cologne-based company Coptr Warn- und Schutzsysteme GmbH and in close coordination with the Municipal Crisis Management Department of the City of Cologne, the BKS now spreads text warnings, light signals, smartphone information and loudspeaker announcements in a continuous loop to raise public awareness.

Whether it is a crisis, thunderstorm, hurricane or high pollution, the BKS alert people on site and fully automatically to get to safety in good time. Precise data is provided by the German Weather Service and Siemens AG, among others.

A decisive advantage of stationary systems can be seen wherever it is not possible to reach the population with warning information without great official effort, such as in public parks and sports facilities.

Central places where many people gather, such as town halls and market places, are also ideally suited for the use of the systems.

Almost every municipality also has so-called "white spots" on the map in its area of responsibility, where no siren has reached so far. There, too, the energy-autonomous systems can be used in a targeted manner.

The integration of the automated BKS into the warning and communication systems (MoWaS) of the districts and independent cities, the federal states and the federal government is already in preparation.


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