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SV Werder Bremen / COPTR Thunderstorm Warning SV Werder Bremen / COPTR Thunderstorm Warning

"With this system, we want to provide all coaches, sportspeople and visitors with an im portant aid for decisions that result in the abandonment of a match or training session. These were the words used by the Weserkurier in late summer 2017 to quote the managing director of football at Bundesliga side SV Werder Bremen, Frank Baumann.

The idea

The original idea of the Coptr founders was to develop a novel, fully automated solution that warns people in open terrain (e.g. on a golf course) in real time and with pinpoint accuracy to get to safety from lightning strikes during thunderstorms.

One of the main objectives was to deliberately keep the human factor completely out of the information process of warning, alerting and all-clear.

No user or supervisor of the open space should have to follow the development of thunderstorms via app on the smartphone or by eye, press alarm buttons, or otherwise make any form of responsible decisions based on subjective assessments.


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