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Thunderstorm warning system for the "Fühlinger See" lake

Protection for visitors to the sports and recreation facility

The Fühlinger See sports and recreation facility has been equipped with a state-of-the-art thunderstorm warning system. Sirens and light signals warn of impending lightning strikes when a thunderstorm is approaching. In the event of possible danger from a storm or thunderstorm, thousands of recreation-seekers, bathers, athletes or event participants can be warned in good time so that they can get to safety in good time. Signage also informs about the correct behaviour during thunderstorms.

Der COPTR AC inkl. Wetterstation

In addition to the "pure" thunderstorm warning system, the Fühlinger See facility also includes its own weather station. Especially during events, this local specific information supports the early detection of possible dangers for visitors, such as an increased wind load during rowing and canoeing competitions. The system now installed receives live coordinate data of actual lightning strikes in the area with the highest accuracy. This data is based on a thunderstorm lightning observation system from Siemens AG and from cooperation with the German Weather Service. For the installation of the thunderstorm warning system, the already proven technology of the Cologne-based company "COPTR Warn- und Schutzsysteme GmbH" was used.

Cologne's Councillor for Education, Youth and Sport, Robert Voigtsberger:

"With a total of seven partial lakes, open spaces and paths, the Fühlinger See sports and recreation facility offers almost unique conditions for those seeking recreation, for leisure and competitive sports, but also for events. The thunderstorm warning system that has now been installed, which has already proven itself for two years at the Müngersdorf Sports Park and the Aachener Weiher, makes an important contribution to the quality of stay at one of the most popular local recreation areas for Cologne residents and people from the surrounding area."



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