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Patented, tried and tested, fully automatic, fully self-sufficient and absolutely reliable

Coptr Gewitterwarnsystem Gewitter-Warnsystem Elektronische Sirene MoWaS BOS Tetra Gewitter Unwetter Sirenen Warnung Bevölkerungsschutz Feuerwehr DGV BBK Förderprogramm Sirenenplanung Gewitter-Warnsystem Leitstelle
Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Triggering via MoWaS

MoWaS 2.0 (CAP 1.7 / 2.0) over IP

Triggered via BOS radio

POCSAG wireless switching receiver

LED display

3 colors according to the traffic light system

Remote maintenance system status

yes, every 60 seconds (logged)

Voice announcement

yes, with MoWaS short warning texts

Remote maintenance of battery charge status

yes, with low voltage warning

Clearance heights to be observed

Pedestrian area 2.20 m

Cyclist area 2.50 m

Motor vehicle area 4.50 m

Fastening devices

Stainless steel or plastic with rubberized sleeves

Accessibility of lights and mast doors



by lift truck to mast bracket

Number of sirens that can be installed


Sound level

113 dB (A)

Protection class

IP 67

Temperature range

-25 ° C to +70 ° C


45 kg (photovoltaic version)

Special features assembly

Numbering of lighting masts and mounted signs are not covered

Photovoltaic power supply

optionally with battery supply 27 ah

Power consumption photovoltaic power supply

12V / 2.5 A / 30 watts

Current consumption mains power supply

100 - 230V AC


4 directions each> 500 meters at 6 meters floor height

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