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Lightning alarm at FC – 40 strikes around the Rhein-Energie-Stadion

Cologne - There was a lot brewing in the sky: downpour, hail, lightning - the journey to the match against Schalke was not without danger for the spectators.

The fact that there were no injuries despite 40 lightning strikes in the immediate vicinity of the stadium (around two kilometres) - one of them on the forecourt - was also thanks to a Cologne start-up.

The "Coptr" system is used as a pilot project at some Bundesliga venues alongside the German Weather Service as a warning instrument for lightning strikes. This is also the case in Müngersdorf.

Two warnings before the match

The system warned twice in the hours before the match of the danger of a lightning strike - so 1. FC Köln was able to alert the spectators to the danger and advise against using the grass areas during the danger period. Thus, none of the fans came to harm.

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