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New thunderstorm warning system at the outdoor pools in Rheda and Wiedenbrück

In the outdoor swimming pools in Rheda and Wiedenbrück, a new warning system will in future warn bathers of thunderstorms with lightning strikes. If the thunderstorm is so close that lightning is measured at a safety-relevant distance, a siren sounds in the outdoor pool. If 20 minutes pass without lightning, a siren will sound the all-clear. App users receive information about the thunderstorm situation on their smartphone. The thunderstorm warning system works all year round, even outside the outdoor pool season. More information is available on the net.

Here is the detailed announcement of the city of Rheda-Wiedenbrück:

Starting with the new outdoor pool season 2022, both outdoor pools will rely on modern safety technology to warn bathers in the outdoor pool in good time of lightning strikes during thunderstorms. The fully automatic warning system receives precise SIEMENS location data from actually measured lightning in the vicinity of the outdoor pools.

If a thunderstorm is so close that lightning is measured at a safety-relevant distance, the system warns with a siren sound in the outdoor pool during opening hours. In addition, there is an information message on the smartphone for app users. If there has been no more lightning for 20 minutes, there is also an all-clear signal via siren and on the smartphone.

However, the thunderstorm warning system is not only reserved for bathers. These thunderstorm warning systems also work outside the open-air bathing season, i.e. 365 days a year, but without a signal horn. All citizens and residents can be informed about the thunderstorm situation in the area of the outdoor pools by the simple warning traffic light (green-yellow-red) on the smartphone.

On the websites and as well as on the city's pools page, all citizens can quickly and easily see what the current danger situation is in the outdoor pools and in the immediate vicinity.

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