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New thunderstorm warning system at Wörthsee Golf Club

The Wörthsee Golf Club relies on modern safety technology to warn people on the extensive golf course of lightning strikes in good time during thunderstorms.

The fully automatic warning system receives pinpoint SIEMENS location data from factually measured lightning in the vicinity of the course.

If a thunderstorm is so close that lightning is measured at a safety-relevant distance, the system warns with a siren sound on the pitch. There is also an information message on the smartphone. If there has been no more lightning for 20 minutes, the all-clear is given by a siren and on the smartphone.

However, the thunderstorm warning system is not only reserved for golfers. All citizens and residents can be informed about the thunderstorm situation on the golf course by the simple information traffic light (green-yellow-red) on the smartphone.

On the website you can quickly check what the current danger situation is on the golf course and in the immediate vicinity.

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