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people are looking to cool off in swimming pools. But what to do when the sky is rumbling?

Get out of the water during thunderstorms: Climate change is also increasing the intensity of thunderstorms. What do the experts advise? This is how swimming masters in the region deal with the danger.

Summertime is bathing time. What could be better than refreshing yourself in the cool water and spending the day with the whole family in the open-air swimming pool? But the fun only lasts until the first dark storm clouds appear. Then it's time to get out of the water!

Thunderstorm warning system receives live coordinate data from lightning events.

The Cologne-based company "Coptr" wants to remedy the situation. Managing director Philipp Kominek explains that already now three times as many lightning strikes have been measured as last year. Their thunderstorm warning system receives live coordinate data from lightning events in the surrounding area and alerts those responsible on site as soon as a thunderstorm is approaching. In addition to golf courses and football clubs, outdoor swimming pools are also among the customers, including one of the first in Baden-Württemberg, the Mineralfreibad Bönnigheim near Heilbronn.

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