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"Pitch Management Workshop" European Stadium & Safety Management Association (ESSMA) in Amsterdam

Expert Sebastian Breuing gives lecture on weather management

Weather plays a significant role on the development and quality of the pitch. Even though weather factors cannot be prevented, they can be foreseen and measures can be taken to protect and provide a high-quality pitch. During the ESSMA Pitch Management Workshop several groundsmen shared their insights related to weather management.

Weather management

Head Groundsman Sebastian Breuing explained how SV Werder Bremen track the weather and which systems they have implemented to analyse, foresee and respond to weather factors. The collection of site-specific weather data is important to help define an approach for solutions and improve daily operations. Besides the weather data related to rain, snow, temperature, etc. it is also important to gather the amount of work, machine hours, match operations, etc.


Over the last seasons, several Bundesliga games had to be suspended, postponed or delayed as a result of thunderstorms and lighting strikes. To project the players and the surrounding area SV Werder Bremen installed a lighting warning system.

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