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Safely into the future with hydrogen: Coptr presents the world's first thunderstorm protection system for the hydrogen industry.

Control receiver for lightning detection systems

Organisational measure taking into account the technical regulations (TRGS 723), in particular with regard to protection against potentially explosive atmospheres caused by lightning.

The gateway was specially developed for switching electromechanical systems on and off in the event of a thunderstorm hazard. The fully automatic thunderstorm warning and all-clear function in accordance with DIN IEC 62793 controls a potential-free contact that can function both as a normally closed and normally open contact and thus triggers an activation or deactivation for protection against lightning and overvoltage damage in a timely and legally compliant manner.

The COPTR gateway receives live coordinate data from actually measured lightning strikes in the vicinity of the system with the highest accuracy and immediately forwards this data as a control signal to an internal switching contact. The data is provided by the "BLIDS" lightning detection system from Siemens AG. Factual and without forecast

Coptr Gateway features

Switching on and off via potential-free connection when a lightning event is registered in the alarm area

Documentation with a list of each individual lightning strike with time to the second, coordinates, lightning type, current and distance to the system

Integrated monitoring tool for system monitoring

Mobile display of the alarm status and countdown function until the all-clear is given

Patented and in use 100 times over

Application example: hydrogen refuelling station:

No personnel effort or subjective decision when assessing the risk of thunderstorms

Fully automatic disconnection and connection of hydrogen supply lines and refuelling

Fully automatic disconnection and connection of all types of electrical distributors to protect against overvoltage damage

Connection of signalling devices for personal protection

Thunderstorm warnings are issued in accordance with DIN IEC 62793.

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